What’s New In Bleed 2

Hi! Welcome to the new site! (Or if you’re reading this in the future, welcome to… the site.)

So, Bleed 2 is a thing! It’s a work-in-progress, big time (I don’t even know if it’ll be called Bleed 2 when it’s done. It’s just easier than always saying “the new Bleed” or “the Bleed sequel”.) I’ve been working on it for a long time, and would like to start sharing some of the reasons I’m excited for it!


Better graphics!

The game will feature a more clean, colourful and exaggerated art style, along with smoother animations and particles. I don’t have any complete environment art in place yet, but here’s a comparison between some of Wryn’s sprites from the first game and the second.



Better weapons!

The starting weapon this time is a pistols/katana combo — the initial attack is a katana slash, followed almost immediately by the pistols (it’s a delay of 100 milliseconds, or 6 frames, right now.) You can also select them separately and switch between them if you dislike the combo weapon.
pistolsKatanaYou’ll be able to carry as many weapons as you like at a time, and I’m working to make sure each one is fun, powerful and unique. This may result in a few less weapons overall, but each one will actually be useful and viable in a variety of situations.


Better gameplay!

Having constant access to the katana allows bullet reflecting to be a core mechanic. Now any purple-coloured attack can be reflected, and not just bullets — enemies’ physical attacks can be parried and turned against them, too.
bossFightExpanding on bullet reflecting in this way adds more options to combat, lends a certain rhythm to gameplay, and allows boss fights to be more exciting and varied! I think it’s a big deal.


More more more!

Finally, Bleed 2 will have about twice as many boss fights as the original. Just sayin’. I also have plans for all kinds of new modes, powerups and other extras, but I’ll keep those vague until I know I actually have time to make them (the core game comes first!)

I hope this has got you a bit excited for the new game. I look forward to posting more about it as the weeks pass and development progresses!