The Making Of: The Box Art

Hey there! I’m exhibiting Bleed 2 at Bit Bazaar in Toronto this weekend, come by and say hi!

I’ll also be selling a few items like stickers and posters of the box art, which I created this week:

Since I’m busy showing the game and selling my wares, here is a light post on how I created the box art / poster, step-by-step!

I started by sketching out every element of the poster. (I had a solid mental image of it already, so I didn’t do too many thumbnail sketches or anything…)
I scanned them in and got them arranged in a Photoshop file.
Next came inking them in.
Followed by a flat colour pass.
I added the light source and rough background colour.
I added light to all elements, and used the background colour to push distant elements back into the scene.
Then came shadow.
Add the logo, details like light rays and some subtle re-positioning, and ta-daa! Finished poster / box art.

I know this post wasn’t too detailed, but I hope you enjoyed seeing the image come together!

Until next week!