Free Games

A co-op auto-runner where you and a partnet blast hordes of crabs while throwing each other to overcome obstacles. Made in 30 hours over 3 days at TOJAM 9 with Justin Chan and Joonas Turner.



A button-matching game I made with a friend. Collect as many items as you can and unlock all of Guppy’s costumes! Gamepad recommended but not required.


A simple ninja platforming game I made with a few friends way back when. I was surprised to discover it has a page on the Speed Demos Archive!



Old Games

These are the games I used to cut my teeth on XNA. They’re also free, but be aware they require a PC and an Xbox 360 controller (or other XInput controller) to play.

A challenging sidescroller based entirely on using your grappling hook-like tongue to get around.

A simple 3D platformer inspired by the ‘secret’ levels found in Super Mario Sunshine. Shadows don’t render in the PC version, which makes some jumps difficult.

The first XNA game I ever made! You absorb and alter the colour of the world around you, using it as health, for attacks, and to solve puzzles.