This week I’ll touch on a new feature in Bleed 2 — mutators! In case anyone doesn’t know, mutators are little tweaks you apply to the game to change how it looks or plays. Beating the game on any difficulty will unlock a selection of mutators, and I thought I’d share a lot of them […]

Fixing Bugs: Enemy Damage

This week I fixed all the major bugs (that I’m aware of) in Bleed 2’s engine! One of them was a problem with how enemies take damage, which I’m giving a big run-down of today. First off: how damage worked before. Enemies and player attacks are made up of one or more hitboxes — when […]

More Scoring!

A while ago I posted about re-doing level-end scores, but that was only one aspect of scoring, and it was only half-done! This week (among many, many other things) I finally got scoring completely in the game and finished off. The first task was deciding how many points you get for killing each enemy. Enemies […]

Week In Review — July 10

I started the week by sorting the giant list of problems, classifying each item as very-important, kinda-important, and not-really-that-important. “Very important” items are the ones that absolutely must be done. They include fixing all the major crashes and bugs I’ve found, as well as tasks like making the end credits sequence and balancing the weapons […]

The First 90%

Yo!! First off, you should know Summer Games Done Quick starts this weekend. Like, right now!! I love that event so I gotta shout it out every chance I get. In Bleed 2 news, things are motoring along. I got all achievements implemented, as well as finally having all the unlockable characters roughed in! Most […]