Challenge Mode Challenges

I *almost* finished roughing in the unlockable characters this week. Almost!! I really underestimated how much work it would be! For now, I’ll talk about a few of the hurdles in creating Challenge Mode instead. I mentioned Challenge Mode a few weeks ago — it’s the one where you can fight up to three bosses […]

Jukio Kallio: Sonic Wizard

This week I’d like to announce that Jukio Kallio will be doing the OST for Bleed 2!! You might have already seen this if you follow me on Twitter… I got excited and couldn’t wait to spread the news. Jukio’s been posting snippets of what he’s cooking up, and it friggin’ rocks. Check it out: […]

Unlockable Characters (Some Spoilers!)

This week I finished off Challenge Mode, and started working on unlockable characters! I even streamed some of the work, which will be on my Twitch channel for at least a couple weeks. Obviously, that video and this post will contain spoilers for one of the unlockable characters, so I’m keeping spoilers after the break […]

Extra Modes That Almost Weren’t

As you might guess from the first half of title, I worked on the extra modes this week! Here’s the Arcade Mode menu in all its glory. (For anyone who’s not familiar, Arcade Mode tasks you with beating the game on one life, to compete on the leaderboards for score and time.) There weren’t many […]