Replays 3: The Replaying

This week was more random work! I did more audio, finished my Steam store page, and prepared all the levels for co-op play. Woohoo! Yesterday, I decided to poke around everyone’s favourite topic — please join me for one more ride on the magical replay unicorn! In case you’re not interested, I’m peppering this long […]

Marketing, and *Feelings*

This week was a grab-bag of work. Among other things, I worked on audio, gave a few environments some much-needed touch-ups, worked on my Steam store page, and put together a press kit. In general, it’s all being done with the goal of “marketing”, so let’s talk about that — and maybe our feelings, too. […]


This week I spent a lot of time preparing marketing stuff. Not my favourite activity, but admittedly very important. I mention it in case you’re wondering what I was up to, because I’m blogging about something totally different: the re-done scoring system! Most obviously, there are ranks associated with the multipliers now! It gives you […]

Balancing Levels

I’m getting over being sick right now, so hopefully this post is coherent. I took a break from audio this week and tackled balancing the levels for the various difficulty settings! In case that doesn’t mean anything to you: there are lots of changes to the game depending on the difficulty level, some bigger than […]