More Levels!

This week was the start of fixing up level 4! A year and a half ago I’d just finished the background art for it and posted this image to Twitter. Weird to think it’s been that long. Level 4 is the one I made first to test everything out, and as a result it’s one […]

Boss Balancing

This week I balanced all the bosses of level 3, meaning the third level is looking pretty done! When I say “balancing” the bosses, I’m just talking about making them challenging, fair and fun for all difficulty levels. A lot of it is adjusting values like how much damage they do, how long they give […]

The Editing Process

This week continued the editing/tightening process for the game by moving on to level 3! A friend of mine asked me to define “editing/tightening” in more concrete terms, and I think this week’s work provides some pretty concrete examples. Maybe it sounds tacky, but I find most games have taken on a life of their […]

Week In Review — Jun 06

Special note! World-record holder Noobii_TV will be speedrunning Bleed for The Fast Force Marathon 3 benefiting Doctors Without Borders today at 1AM CST! If you’re up then, the action will be at this Twitch channel. Level two has finally reached a quality where I’m pretty much done with it, so hurray! I spent the week […]