Happy 2017!!

Happy new years!! As always, I’m gonna slack hardcore on this blog post and just pat myself on the back a little. Here’s all the hours I worked in 2016, totaling 1941 actual hours worked!

I kinda hoped that after tracking my worked hours for over three years, I’d start to see interesting patterns emerge (like months or weeks where I’m most or least productive, something like that) but it’s just turning into a mass of squiggly lines. There are a couple trends I think I can spot, but they mostly correlate to deadlines for big events, like the various PAXes.

Anyways, this means I’ve put about 6,000 hours of work into Bleed 2 so far, so yay for me! The game is nearly done, and the major task in front of me (besides continuing to squash bugs and trying to fix replays) is actually promoting and releasing the game! 2017 is looking like it’ll be an exciting year for me personally, and I hope it’s looking that way for you, too.

Be well, be warm, be creative, and have a happy new year!!