Endless Mode Part 6: Daily Runs

Yeeeaaaahh!! Bleed 2’s Endless Mode is now out on PC, Xbox One and PS4! The perfect little cherry on top of the new Endless Mode is that (on PC, at least) it comes with daily challenges, too! This feature was put in very last-minute, in literally the final week of development. I had no idea […]

Bleed 2 on PS4/XB1!! And, Endless Mode Part 5: Miscellaneous Stuff

First off, awesome news: Bleed 2 is headed to PS4 and Xbox One on Feb 6 and 9, respectively!! Finally!! That’s basically the one-year anniversary of Bleed 2 on Steam, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the milestone. As always, the port and publishing are all thanks to Digerati Distribution and […]