So, How’s the Game Coming…?

Happy Halloween! There’s a bunch of things I could blog about, but I figured I’d directly address the question I get asked most, and talk about how things are coming and what release is looking like. Here’s the current remaining to-do list (small and blurred for spoilers): It’s a lot left to go, but it’s […]

More Difficulty Tuning!

I made the IGF deadline! I worked a ton of hours this week, but I got all the audio problems solved, and all audio reasonably balanced. If you’re wondering what kind of issues might crop up with audio, some examples are: Sounds not playing if they were exactly vertically aligned with the camera Looping sounds […]

The Intro

Bleed 2 reached an awesome milestone this week — all audio is in the game!! I ran through it once to test everything out, and I can’t stress how much more engaging and alive the game is now! I remember having a similar moment with the original Bleed — working on the same game for […]

IGF Countdown!

Please forgive any lameness in this post, which was written on my phone during an extended power surge/failure! I hope it didn’t explode my computer… happy Canadian Thanksgiving indeed! (UPDATE from my computer: she’s 7 years old but she’s still kickin’!) A bit of cool news on the other hand — Bleed (the original) has […]

Weapons (Some Spoilers!)

One thing I worked on this week was tuning the weapons for Bleed 2! I’m showing a few unlockable weapons in this post, so I’ve hidden those behind the break in case you’re spoiler-averse. In non-spoilery terms: the original Bleed’s weapons had a lot of issues. When designing them I focused purely on the numbers […]