Story Mode and Save Games

This week I brought Story Mode to a “beta” state! You can play the whole thing start-to-finish in a proper manner, which is a wonderful milestone. Still, stitching everything together was a pretty small percent of the workload. There were a bunch of small-to-medium-sized issues in the game that I’ve been aware of for months, […]

Finishing The Fight

Bad news. Due to a setback, the trailer won’t be out for a little while. Sincere apologies to anyone who was excited for it, or is frustrated by the delays — I’m right there with you and I’ll make it happen as soon as I can. The only other productive thing to do in the […]

Cutting the Trailer

Oh boy oh boy! It’s getting close to trailer time. I put one together this week, so here’s what went into making it!   Planning It started with a bunch of planning and research, to figure out what the trailer had to communicate to be successful. If anyone’s curious, two great articles I found were […]

TOJam 11

Hey there! No blog post this week, as I’m away at TOJam 11 (the 11th iteration of Toronto’s annual game jam!) I’m working away with a few friends on a game about a pair of murderous princes who can invade each others bodies, locked in a climactic battle for the throne. Only the one wearing […]

Audio Bugs + Balancing

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in audio the past handful of weeks, and I know I need a break from it, and you probably do too. BUT!! This week was spent re-writing large parts of my audio engine and roughly balancing the audio of the game. What’s with me and constantly re-doing things? Well, […]