Sound Design With Joonas Turner! (Part 2)

Hello there!! This weekend I’m at PAX East, mostly taking it easy but also showing off the game to a few folks. Exciting times! While I’m gone, let’s finish interviewing Bleed 2’s sound designer Joonas Turner! Interview (Part 2) What kind of style did you decide on for Bleed 2, and how did you create […]

Sound Design With Joonas Turner! (Part 1)

I’m super pumped to announce that Joonas Turner is doing the sound design for Bleed 2!! If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s worked on roughly a million games and properties, ranging from Nuclear Throne and Environmental Station Alpha to Angry Birds and Transformers!! He’s an amazingly talented, creative guy, and his sounds are […]

Lil’ Guppy Commander

Another awesome milestone reached this week: all sound effects are in the game!! YES!! I’ll be writing a big ol’ post about my sound designer next week (he’s seriously a genius and has brought so much to the game) but for now you’ll have to make do with this lesser article about a boss I […]

Dialogue, and Progress!

This week I completed the last cutscenes in the game! That meant a lot of writing, art, and coding. I’m not some genius writer, so there isn’t much point in a big blog post about it. Mainly, I just try to ensure every line of dialogue has a purpose — usually to drive the action […]