I worked on achievements this week! You can’t trigger them in-game yet, but other than that all the artwork and design is done. I gotta be real with you here: I generally find achievements to be boring and patronizing. I don’t think simply playing a game is worthy of praise (unless you’re playing Ikaruga, then […]


This week I created another animated scene. I even streamed a day of the work! The video isn’t exactly action-packed, but if you want to watch, it’ll be on my fancy new Twitch page for a week or two. (I concluded it by playing through the first level, so that might interest you!) I call […]

More Menus!!

Can’t stop the menu train, baby! While they’re not as adorable as the main menu, I created the level select and loadout menus this week!   Level Select Here’s the new level select! I tried to make it reminiscent of a PVR menu — Bleed 2 has a minor ‘television’ motif going on. It’s less […]

The Main Menu

I got a lot of awesome work done this week! 95% of the audio is now in the game (the only remaining audio is the last boss, and a handfull of environmental sounds.) I did a first, tiny bit of playtesting. Aaaaaaand I got the main menu done! Thanks to the menu system I set […]