Improving Wryn’s Sprites

Most of this week was audio work… most of this month was audio work, actually! Turns out it’s a lot of effort if you want to do it well (but totally worth it.) I’m saving a big audio blog for another day so in the meantime, here are some improvements I’ve made to Wryn’s sprites […]

Semi Core

It’s been a while since I showed a boss, so let’s do that! Here’s a new Rival machine: the Semi Core! You can actually see him in there! I try to show him inside the Cores whenever I can in Bleed 2. It makes it clear he’s piloting them, plus he gets some more character! […]


A lot of this week was spent getting Bleed 2 hooked into the Steam API. I can’t really show the behind-the-scenes of how this works, since I’m pretty sure it’s against the Steam contract, but hey! Look at the results! Maybe not much for you to get excited about, but it pumps me up seeing […]


Back to work on Bleed 2 this week! I picked the menu system off my list of things to do. Menu systems might not be thrilling to code (or to read about!) but it’s just one of those things you gotta do if you want a finished game. There’s a surprising amount to consider, depending […]

Happy New Years!!

Happy new years to all! The bi-annual charity speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick is on this week! I’d strongly encourage anyone reading this to check it out — it’s a week of the world’s best players beating games in record time (and sometimes even racing each other head-to-head!) all in the name of raising […]