Free: Guppy: Collects! 2

I’m on vacation this week, so there isn’t much Bleed 2 stuff to talk about. …however, I’ve added Guppy: Collects! 2 to the Free Games section of the site! You can find it there, or just click here to download it! Guppy: Collects! 2 is a button-matching game where you help the adorable slug-thing Guppy […]

Replays 2: Replay’s Revenge

Last week I said I needed a vacation, and I almost took one! Instead, I worked on something I find infinitely exciting — implementing a replay system in Bleed 2! This will be a continuation of the replays post I made a few months back. It will also be very wordy, sorry about that!   […]

Post-Exhibition and Burnout

So last week I exhibited Bleed 2 at Bit Bazaar as part of the Canadian Videogame Awards! They converted an entire hockey arena into a show floor (how Canadian) and it made for an impressive venue. I was a lot more prepared to exhibit this time, coming armed with merch, food/water, a better build and […]

The Making Of: The Box Art

Hey there! I’m exhibiting Bleed 2 at Bit Bazaar in Toronto this weekend, come by and say hi! I’ll also be selling a few items like stickers and posters of the box art, which I created this week: Since I’m busy showing the game and selling my wares, here is a light post on how […]