Miscellaneous Improvements

Next weekend I’ll be showing Bleed 2 at Bit Bazaar in Toronto — my second exhibition ever! I thought I’d spend the week making the game sexier and fixing some of the problems I noticed last time I exhibited. Most importantly, I changed the tutorials to be visual and animated. I noticed a lot of […]

Alpha!! (or, Everything Left To Do)

Oh, baby baby. I did it! The campaign is now at what I would call a legitimate alpha – everything playable from start to finish and in a highly acceptable state! After two and a half years of hard work, it feels amazing to finally reach this milestone. …however. There’s still a long road to […]

Dynamic Difficulty

Yeah boiiiii! One boss left to go and I’m pumped as hell – with any luck, I’ll finish it by the end of next week. In the meantime, here’s a little ditty about a controversial feature – dynamic difficulty! Basically, if you die a whole bunch, the game starts taking it easy on you, until […]

More Fun With Render Targets

Another week full of work, this time with a frustrating outcome – the work wasn’t very good. I’ve found that when exploring new ideas, you have to fail a bunch of times before you get something right – learning what doesn’t work helps you create what does. I’m making the second-last boss of the game […]

Arcade Mode Improvements

The final level is about halfway done! I put in a bunch of overtime this week (around 50 hours total?) so this post may be a little light. It’s about Arcade Mode, which is returning (obviously!) But I’ve got a few improvements and changes planned which I’ll discuss briefly here. Probably the biggest change will […]