Planning Bleed 2 (and Cutting Valentine Fights)

Progress continued this week! I’ve done some highly exact figuring, and there’s about 32 pieces of content (bosses, cutscenes, level segments, etc) that need to be produced for level seven. I’m done 11 of them so far, so we’ll say I’m a third of the way finished. Go team!   Ultra-Mild Spoiler Warning Here’s the […]


I worked on the seventh level this week: touching up environment art, finalizing the tileset, bringing the first section to near-completion, and starting on the second. There’s a large amount left to do including some complicated set-pieces and all the bosses, but hey, it’s good progress so far. Meanwhile, let’s see how in-game cutscenes are […]

Designing Co-Op

Finished the sixth level this week, awwwright. Just one more to go! Although, this is the one level where I don’t have as much work pre-done – it wasn’t at an “alpha” state like the others. So, it’ll probably take a bit longer to put together, but hopefully not too long. Most bosses and environments […]

Endless Mode’s End…?

Bad news bears: my computer died! I make daily off-site backups (something I’d recommend to any dev) so Bleed 2 wasn’t destroyed — phew. Still, a frustrating amount of time was spent resurrecting my computer and restoring files, so I didn’t manage to finish the sixth level. Next week for sure! In the meantime: an […]