This week was more level six work! The end is within sight, and I hope to finish it next week. Now without further ado, let’s talk a bit about storytelling! One bit of polish I’m bringing to Bleed 2 is that the whole game is designed as a seamless experience; every encounter leads directly and […]


I worked on the sixth level this week, and got a surprising amount done — one or two weeks more at this rate and I should be on to the seventh level! Instead of showing that, I’m giving a huge ramble about implementing a replay system. TL;DR Bleed 2 might have replays, but it might […]

Mirror Core Mk II

This week I started on the sixth level! I probably won’t talk about the sixth or seventh levels that much, because I’d like to leave some surprise when you finally play the game. Not that anyone plays Bleed for the story, but knowing everything that’s coming would kill some of my buzz, at least. So […]


The fifth level is finally finished!! Man it feels good to have that one behind me. It only took five friggin’ weeks to get it up to snuff. Once it was done, I celebrated by just playing MGS for a few days, because I’m a hopeless fanboy and I needed a break. But you’re not […]