Collision Detection For Dummiez

The fifth level is almost done, gah!! It’ll be finished by next week, but right now I’m stuck re-doing one last boss. I swear I’m not just re-doing every boss over and over — I did three this week that only needed minor touch-ups and difficulty balancing — but sometimes I come back to my […]

Controlling Chaos

The fifth level is almost done! All that’s left is the bosses, which I started fixing up near the end of the week. One of them is our good old pal the Segment Slider, who I re-worked yet again. I’ll get into that, as well as the controlled randomness in Bleed 2.   First, the […]


Sadly no visuals this week, as I spent my time working on things with no immediate benefit — things that will make Bleed 2 awesome in the future. Namely, preparing a bunch of documents and references for audio folks that I hope to collaborate with! In my experience, even when you really suck at something, […]

Game Dev Magic

Got more of level 5 done this week! The fifth level is one of the more complex ones, so it’s gonna take another week or two unfortunately. One source of the complexity is all the little set-pieces, like this tram scene for example: You board the tram, and it takes you down an infinitely long […]

Cutting + Creating Minor Enemies

This week I worked on minor enemies, among other things! To start with, here are some you won’t be seeing much of in Bleed 2 anymore. I’m not talking about the Invaders in general, just the ones with fancy hats. Originally I imagined the Invaders having different ranks, indicated by their headgear. You’d be steadily […]