Environment Evolution

I took it easy at a family cottage this week, but I still got work done! I mostly fixed up the environment art for the fifth level, which takes place inside the warship itself. Every time I make environment art and tilesets, I create little sample test rooms to try them out, like this: It’s […]

Chaff Spammer

The fourth level is done!! Woooop! It’s been a while since I showed off a boss, so let’s do that. The boss is a drone from the warship that spams chaff everywhere, which it then manipulates to attack you. I call it… the Chaff Spammer. Yeah. These names aren’t final, don’t worry. I very nearly […]

Render Targets

Personal life took some time from work, but I’m almost done level four — just the bosses left to touch up / balance. In the meantime, let’s explore render targets a bit, since I used those this week! The fourth level takes place on the hull of the warship, and at some point it starts […]

A Blast From the Past!

This week I continued re-doing parts of the fourth level. It’s gonna take at least another week, but I hope it doesn’t take much longer than that…! I don’t want to show much of what I was working on, but I did stumble across a forgotten cache of old stuff from the original Bleed so […]