Level Design

All the changes I made last week meant a complete re-design of the second level’s layout. It’s been a fun process watching it go from an embarrassment to something I’m having fun with, and it’s got me thinking about what constitutes good level design. I’ll take you through my thought process so far, and maybe […]

Done The First Draft

So, at this point I’d say Bleed 2 is close to an alpha state! …you know, kind of. I left the final level half-finished to create the demo for TCAF, but that aside the story mode is playable from start to near-finish. The only problem is that it kind of sucks right now, but don’t […]


As I mentioned, I spent the previous week exhibiting at TCAF! After the madness that was getting everything ready and then showing the game, I was totally beat. I’ve taken the week off to recharge so I don’t have a ton to report, but maybe you’re interested in hearing a little about the ups and […]

TCAF + Co-Op

Woohoo! This weekend I’m exhibiting Bleed 2 at TCAF! The show is as awesome as it is free, so come give the game a shot and say hi if you’re in the area! Something I managed to add for the exhibition is a co-op mode! In the original Bleed, co-op was basically a hack I […]

Spur: TOJam 10 Timelapse

This weekend I attended TOJam — an independent Toronto-based game jam that’s been going for ten years now! For anyone not familiar, you (alone or as part of a team) get three days to create a game that adheres to a certain theme. At the end, everyone eats pizza and goes around playing each others […]

Gone Jammin’

No real blog post today, since I’m at TOJam this weekend! Here’s a pic of what I managed to put together in the three days: I plan to have a time-lapse of it up in a day or two. ‘Till then, happy Sunday!