Week In Review — Mar 29

Soooo this week, I got the final level roughly half-way finished… but then something happened. I got accepted to show off Bleed 2 at an upcoming expo — something I’ve never done before! The prospect is equally exciting and terrifying. The event is about a month away, which means I really have to alter my […]

Free: Super Ninja Warrior Extreme!

I’ve added Super Ninja Warrior Extreme to the Free Games section of this site! You can find it there, or just click here to download it! Super Ninja Warrior Extreme is a small, simple sidescroller I made for fun with a couple friends to take a break from working on Bleed. It was released on […]

Indie Dev Life

Quick note: this week I got the second-last level of Bleed 2 to alpha!! Yeah, it happened really fast. I had a lot of work done on it beforehand.   :D Now, on to the topic: I’ve been to a couple PAXes and they each had multiple panels — with multiple panelists! — all about a […]

Composing Wryn

Only two levels left to make for Bleed 2, woohoo! Hopefully they don’t take as long as that last one. As for composing Wryn — I don’t mean trying to calm her down (I think that’s what we call a “dad joke”.) I thought I’d go behind the scenes on Wryn one more time to […]

Animating Wryn

I’m so close to being done the third-last level of the game I can taste it! It tastes about a week or less away. So in the meantime, here’s some info about how I make Wryn do what she does in terms of visuals. Apologies to anyone who read my blog three years ago, this […]

Week In Review — Mar 1

Back to business as usual this week! Still on the third-last level unfortunately, but I guess a longer development period is the cost of better production values. One of the many things eating up development time is all the little cinematic moments in the game, some of which I worked on this week and thought […]