Bleed on Linux

It’s true! Thanks to Ethan Lee aka flibitijibibo, Bleed finally has a Linux port. Woohoo! You can get it now on Steam or the Humble widget on this very site! A little bonus info: if you run Bleed with “debug” as a launch option, it’ll start in debug mode (I’m not positive I left that […]

Re-Doing a Boss (Part 2)

Aaaand we’re back — with our big ol’ sprite sheet, ready to be turned into a boss! But let’s rewind for a second first. Before I designed the boss’s visuals or made up the sprite sheet, I filled a page or two with brainstorming about all the ways the boss could attack. Here’s that: Knowing […]

Re-Doing a Boss (Part 1)

There are now three levels left until Bleed 2 is at alpha, woohoo! It’s a milestone I can’t wait to reach. This week I started piecing together the antepenultimate (third-last — don’t say you never learn anything on this blog) level, and was disheartened to find a lot of things needed to be re-done. I […]

The Story

This week I thought I’d touch on the story for Bleed 2, for anyone who’s interested! Bleed 2 picks up about a week after the events of the first game. Wryn has ushered in a new age of heroes, and the ones she defeated are already a distant memory. However, since she defeated the greatest […]