Playing With New Features

I finished the third level this week, hurrah! I’m not going to show any more of it for now… of course it’ll be displayed eventually, but keeping some surprise in the game is important to me and there’s a long long way to go. Instead, I’d like to list three new things I’m toying around […]

Week In Review — Jan 18

It was one hell of a week for work, but a bad week for pictures. Most of the week was spent preparing Bleed 2 to be integrated with the Steam API. Pretty optimistic of me, since I don’t know for a fact that Bleed 2 will be released on Steam, but I’d like to think […]

Week In Review — Jan 11

Alright! The new year is underway and I’ll probably be back to shorter, more concise entries for the time being. This week I worked on the third level of the game, including touching up one of the bosses of said level! I’ve shown this picture of her a few times, but here is Red: When […]

Happy New Year!!

Yeeaaaah happy new year everyone! Like most people I’ve been pretty busy with the holiday season, so today’s blog post will be a little light. Early in 2014, I got into the habit of logging of my hours worked, as well as what I accomplished each week. For fun, I stuck it in Excel and […]