Randomly Generated Content

The Disclaimer This is NOT a feature announcement. There is a high chance of this not being in the final game. I’m just sharing what I’m working on, and asking for input.   ┬áThe Article Got it? Good. Let’s talk about randomly generated content! Like many people, I’m intrigued by the prospect. Programming-wise, it’s a […]


Personal life and the holiday season got slightly in the way of work this week, but I did get stuff done, including finishing level 2! Yaaaay! Since I don’t have as much to say as I’d like to this week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to touch on a few improvements I’m making to […]

Bleed 2 Pre-Natal…?

Time for something a little different. I’d like to discuss my approach to making Bleed 2, and how I’m attempting to develop it in a way that maximizes both my enthusiasm for work and the quality of the game — two things that can really suffer during long development cycles. Bleed 2 has existed in […]

Week In Review — Dec 07

Oh, I didn’t see you there! Hello! Got a minute? Then I’ll tell you what I worked on this week: Difficulty Balancing Set-Up The start of the week was spent finishing up the Kitty Chopper boss. All its visuals and attacks were complete, but that’s only the beginning. Once a boss is done in that […]