Week In Review — Nov 30

This week I started tackling the second level! Environment art was touched up and put in the game, as were most of the minor enemies for this level. But I don’t want to focus on those so much this week, because I also spent a great deal of time re-doing the Kitty Chopper boss! This […]

Week In Review – Nov 23

A moderately productive week this time. Here’s what I got up to!   Pistols Hitboxes Most entities in Bleed have a hitbox that tells them where they collide with tiles and other entities. That’s fine 99% of the time, but it was causing problems with the pistols in some cases. The gist of it is: […]

Week in Review — Nov 16

You didn’t think I’d actually do it, did you? How does it feel to be WRONG — here’s what I did this week!   Interior Scenes As planned, I worked on the layout and enemy placement for the first level! The level takes place in a city, not just the rooftops, so I had some […]

Week in Review — Nov 9

I usually feel like blog posts have to be these big productions… and that mentality results in my making very few posts. I’m trying something new — short and simple, here’s what I worked on this week! I hope you find it somewhat interesting! ¬†Cinematics System There are going to be in-game cinematics in Bleed […]